About Vertex

“Vertex is amazing! We had an outstanding evening there. I have been to the luxury lounges at VIP clubs/area throughout the U.S. and now abroad too and I’d put Vertex up against any of them and to offer that in Rapid is so very generous of you and a compliment to the community that you believe they are sophisticated enough to enjoy and appreciate the experience.”
-Jesse Sondreal

Hotel Alex JohnsonOne of the newest venues in Rapid City, Vertex Sky Bar opened in June of 2011. Vertex occupies the 10th and 11th floors of the historic Hotel Alex Johnson, originally built in 1928. When Liv Hospitality acquired the property in 2008, one of the first items on the agenda was to develop an upscale rooftop bar for hotel guests and club members.
Roof top at sunsetA “vertex” is the highest point of a parabola, and this Rapid City restaurant and bar has been designed to evoke the same idea of being the pinnacle or best of any venue (not to mention the eleven story height of the building).

Vertex Sky Bar has indoor seating and an outdoor deck on each level, capable of accommodating a total of 150 people. Members receive a card that provides elevator access to the 10th floor and hotel guests can access Vertex with their room keys. From happy hour to private parties, Vertex is one of the most unique and luxurious locations to gather with friends and enjoy a premium drink.

Simply stunning

Enter through the dark and alluring foyer to the custom built bar with warm bronze and polished nickel finishes, recline on one of the banquettes near the gorgeous mahogany wine case, or step outside to the steel deck with gas-heated fire pits. You can even scan the activity downtown through large standing binoculars on the patio. This Rapid City restaurant is truly like no other.

Roof top at night

The panoramic views from the rooftop bar are unrivaled in Rapid City. From up here, you can see the Black Hills to the west, the famous brontosaurus on Dinosaur Hill, the southern buttes, and the gorgeous prairie off to the east.

People are often looking for a one-of-a-kind romantic experience in this area, and what could be more romantic than sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset from the top of our hotel?

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